Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Turban Part I: The art of the Turban

The turban - a flashback to the beginning of time - has been a welcome and noteworthy addition to the runway in recent seasons.
What goes around, comes around, as they say...

And as this is such an important runway staple, I've decided to launch this in parts.  One post just can't do it justice.  It just... can't.

So here, we have the neon turban:
Marc Jacobs Spring 2012
The retro-chic turban!
Roksanda Illincic Resort 2012
The patterned turban...
Anna Sui Spring 2012
 The monochromatic turban.
Elie Tahari Resort 2012
There's even the murban!!!  That's right, the man turban!!
I hope he's wearing manties...

The turban has also been spotted on many celebrities and style icons throughout history.

Like... Mary-Kate Olsen!
"I've swapped out my signature Starbucks cup for this fabulous turban."
Rachel Zoe!
"I'll take my turban with a glass of wine, thank you!"  Me too, Rachel.  Me too.
"If you like it then you shoulda put a turban on it..."
Mary Brian!!
"My turban talkies for itself!"  (Get it?  Do you get it??)
 The Sultan of Agrabah!!!

... and Aunt Jemima!!!

So naturally, for Thanksgiving this year, I decided to piss off my mother make a fashion statement by sporting a turban at the table.
Mom: You look like you should be reading someone's fortune.
Dad:  You look like Aladdin...

Do I?  Do I Dad??!
"Sorry you hate my turban, dad!"


  1. Hahaha love it. That's a fantastic idea. My mother will be so proud...

  2. Next year, in spite, make the turban outta your napkin. tee hee hee


  3. Yes I'm a huge Olsen fan. They can rock a turban like nobody's business! Stay tuned for how to tie a turban tomorrow... we can all channel our inner Olsen and rock the turban together!

  4. Agreed! Personally, I only wear turbans when I drink wine... and I only drink wine when I wear turbans. Thanks for commenting!

  5. love the funny take on the turbans! they do look good though (olsen!)


    Bang & Buck

  6. You really should have gone into full character....sheer pants and a belly shirt!!!

  7. Rachel Zoe definitely does it best! <3


    Un Deux Trois