Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mid-Week Mid-spiration

As it is mid-week (Wednesday, that is), I've decided to take this time to explore a subtle mid-trend seen on the likes of Courtney from The Bachelor (among others): the mid-finger ring.

For those of you unfamiliar with the mid-finger ring, this is a ring that is worn in the middle of the finger.

I know.  It's a lot to wrap your head around...

I went out with a guy once who explained to me the meaning of wearing rings on different fingers (he also picked me up in a white van with tinted windows and a leopard print steering wheel cover, but let's not get bogged down in details).

He told me if you wear a ring on your index finger, it means you are a leader.  If you wear a ring on your middle finger, it means you have a sense for what is right and what is wrong.  Wearing a ring on your ring finger means you're married you are creative.  If you wear a ring on your thumb, it means that you are assertive, and sometimes forceful.  Wearing a ring on your pinky finger means you either have strong communication skills, or are possibly a member of the mob.

As it turns out, I was wearing a ring on every finger.

So... what does that say about me?

And what is the meaning of wearing rings mid-finger?  I have no idea.  But they look really cool.
Let's explore...
Chunky mid-finger rings... mean you have large hands.
Mid-finger only rings... mean your fingers have gotten fat and your rings no longer fit.
Mid-finger rings worn on the middle finger: I think this means that you have a sense for what is right and wrong.  But only half-way.

Yep, sounds about right!
Doubled up mid-finger rings... mean you don't have enough fingers.
Up-side-down mid-finger rings!  Mean you want others to be able to appreciate your unparalleled style.
I just really like this nail polish...
And this nail polish...
Multiple rings on multiple fingers?  I think this means you have too many rings.  Maybe you should send some my way!  I'd be happy to take some of those off your hands (ha) for ya!

Now, watch as I attempt to rock the ring mid-finger.
XO rings by MXM Jewelry.
From left, Tiffany and Co., MXM Jewelry, James Avery, Street Fair for $5, MXM Jewelry

I've discovered that the key to mid-finger rings is to buy them very small.  Like, very, very small (mine are size 3.5).  And the best place to get rings this small is Etsy!!  Here are a few designers you should check out:
MXM Jewelry, SunParkNYC, Catbird, Michelle Chang

It is also important to note that, while the mid-finger ring is uber stylish, only one knuckle separates mid-finger rings from style-statement and sudden death in the form of loss.  So, when evaluating which ring to rock out on a ledge (meaning, between your first and second kuckles), consider the price tag.  Because they tend to be jumpers...

Images via Refinery29, TheyAllHateUs, HonestlyWTF, Song of Style

Hopefully this post was able to impart some mid-week words of mid-wisdom.  Now go forth and rock some rings on your mid-finger.

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  1. LOVING this post Jess! all those rings are so cute...I definitely need to purchase some of my own VERY soon!

  2. I've been OBSESSED with this trend for weeks. Love it!

  3. Great post, we were thoroughly enjoying the meaning of each ring placement. Such great images too!

  4. 3.5 ring size?! So tiny. Thankful you included where to buy such mini rings in the post!

  5. Beautiful rings!

  6. Love this post!!! Very funny, make me smile!!! I didn't know that there is a meaning where you wear a ring. Interesting!!! Anyway, I love those tiny little rings. Thanks for sharing where to buy them. Love your blog!!! I'm following you!!! When you have a minute, stop by mine, and maybe, if you like it, you can follow me back.

  7. I love this post and I want ALL of those rings. Wait, what ever happened with mr. insightful ring guy!? haha ;)

  8. OMG I love them ALLLLLLL !!!! So fun and savvvouuury hahaha

    xoxo Selma

    PS : i just started a new blog u can take a look at it if u wanna

    Thankkkks xoxo