Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wear this Weekend: Snakeskin and Neon

Feliz Drinko de Mayo!!!!

To clarify, no, that is not a typo, but rather an ode to the debaucherous behavior that generally accompanies this holiday.  

So while I sip my drink of choice this morning afternoon, I will fantasize that I am wearing the latest trend to grace the cockles of my mind and the models of the catwalks: snakeskin and neon.  Because, aside from denim, the only natural pairing for python is, in fact, a shiny shade of bright.

Pair these puppies with a Mango-rita!
I call this look Crouching Tiger, Hidden Sobriety.
This bag has Watermelon and Apple Margarita written all over it.  
Actually, there is in fact nothing written on it, but I'd probably drink one while wearing this nonetheless...
These are Mojito heels, if ever I saw a pair...
How many Tostito chips do you think I could fit in a bag of this stature?
If you like Pina Coladaaassss!!!!!
Pair this ensemble with tequila, straight up, fresh from the blue agave plant...
Wear these with Hot Buttery Goose Nipples (THE BEVERAGE, HELLO!!).  
Get your mind out of the gutter, and find out how to make it here!
I'd pair this with the traditional Cinco de Drinko cocktail, the Paloma.
Strawberry Daquiri.  Hands down.
Drink this with Dulce de Tequila!
Err... wear this while drinking Dulce de Tequila...
Mexi-tini my friends?
Wear these with a Freddie Fuddpucker.  And be very careful how you pronounce this one...

And with my sobriety now hanging by a thread, I leave you all to enjoy these fashions and refreshments on this lovely Saturday almost-noon.  But as the saying goes, it's five o'clock somewhere, and it is my personal opinion that every hour should be happy.  So get on it!  

With that, I give you one of my favorite ancient Alaskan proverbs: 
"A little drunk shopping never hurt anybody."
Take from that what you will...

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  1. We are in love with everything here! Snakeskin and neon is such a perfect combination