Sunday, February 10, 2013

New York Fashion Week: Of love and lattes

Ahh, Fashion Week: the one week (twice a year) when you walk a little taller (mostly because of your 6” heels), smile a little brighter, and share notes on whose extreme level of caffeine consumption comes the closest to bordering on unhealthy.  Attending a fashion show suddenly warrants a double-shot espresso and a “survival kit,” and everyone seems to be wearing fur.

It’s the one week when everyone’s new life goal (or perhaps just mine) is to be featured in a street style blog, and you can say things like “that’s so chic” without being ironic.  At least, I’m not being ironic…

Yes, I love Fashion Week.

On Thursday afternoon, I went to the Kimberly Ovitz show in midtown, housed in a large event space near Penn Station.  My strategy for attending shows, as of late, is to look as calm and nonchalant as possible while I discreetly Instagram and Tweet at everyone I know using obnoxious hashtags like #nyfw #chictothenextlev #annawintour, and the like, and try to capture “street style” pictures of show-goers without their knowledge.  These usually end up being semi-creepy photos of their backs that I take while I pretend to be texting... 
Exhibit A.
As I waited for the show to start, snapping ambiance photos of the runway and anyone I thought could potentially be “famous,” I had to struggle to hold it together and subsequently almost peed myself as Anna Wintour took her seat in the front row. 
The show started, and I felt like a kid in a (very expensive) candy store.  Or like my usual self in the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department… Anna Wintour put on her signature sunglasses, and I thought – you know what?  If I were Anna Wintour, I’d probably wear sunglasses during every show, too.  In fact, I could probably wear whatever I wanted, because I’d be Anna Wintour

This precipitated a long conversation with myself in which I went through the various signature accessories I could potentially patent as my own if I were to, one day, be the editor of something the magnitude of Vogue.  Would I wear sunglasses indoors?  An oversized fur hat?  Or perhaps I’d build my persona around a small animal that I’d carry with me in my handbag – not a dog, as that’s now cliché, but perhaps a rabbit.  Or a hedgehog.  A turtle?

I digress.

As the show progressed, I will say that I could see myself owning every single look that came down the runway (in the sartorial fantasy land of my mind in which I can see myself owning pretty much everything).  The collection was wearable, versatile, but also infused with more color and prints than are typical of the fall collections, especially coming from a designer like Kim.

The standouts were a beautifully printed maxi with a severe plunging neckline, and a cobalt blue dress with strategically placed cut-outs.

In addition to the collection, Kim also premiered her new line of jewelry, a collaboration with Shapeways, and a must have if you like anything cool or different.  Which, if you read this blog, you probably do.  Unless you hate my blog and, for some strange reason, have made it this far…

I managed to snag a new Shapeways for Kimberly Ovitz ear cuff (many thanks to my good friend), which I’ve since decided looks kind of like a futuristic blue tooth and has quickly become my new favorite thing that I own.  I have yet to take it off – partially because it might be stuck, but mostly because we’ve fallen in love.  Check it out - it's basically the coolest thing since sliced bread and fat free fro-yo.

As I walked home in my Kimberly Ovitz dress and severely cool ear cuff, I had a thought.  Between the glitz, the glamour, the fur, the impromptu Anna sightings, and the endless chatter about how we all “need a coffee,” Fashion Week reminds me why I got into fashion in the first place.  The popular hashtags and seasonal Pantones might change, but the creativity, passion, and excitement are constants from year to year.  In an industry built around artistic innovation juxtaposed with forced obsolescence, Fashion Week makes the world go 'round.

A small reminder if you’ll be tweeting this week: note that #chictothenextlev has unfortunately been replaced by #nemo, which, up until a few minutes ago, I assumed was an obscure reference to the movie…
Spotted: Tory Burch, far left.
Happy Fashion Week, everyone.

What's your Fashion Week tale?  Share your favorite Fashion Week moments below!


  1. Looks like so much fun!:) For future reference, how can someone get tickets to the shows? Or are they by invite only?

  2. Wow. I like how you describe the fashion week, particularly this line: "Attending a fashion show suddenly warrants a double-shot espresso and a “survival kit,” and everyone seems to be wearing fur". So true. Fashion week is really an event to look forward to every year!