Monday, June 24, 2013

The Jumpsuit: When 2 become 1

If a tree falls in the forest but nobody blogs about it, does it make a sound?

After contemplating the aforementioned on my mid-morning jog, I've landed on: yes... but only if someone has posted it on Instagram.

While my life has gone largely undocumented for the past few months, I can assure you that I do, in fact, still exist outside the confines of photosharing applications.  So rest assured; I'm still around, wearing turbans and harem pants, and mixing prints and such.  But as it happens, I've recently found the sartorial fodder I needed to motivate me to put some deep thoughts on proverbial paper.  My falling tree will go unheard no longer.

Today's fashion tirade centers on a prominent new silhouette for summer, one that aims to make both tops and pants obsolete (it was only a matter of time): the jumpsuit.  The latest iteration of the romper effortlessly combines the modesty and mobility of pants with the oneness of a dress.

And it's taking over.

It is my prediction that the jumpsuit will be to summer fashion what Daft Punk's new album will surely be to summer music.  Best described by The Spice Girls in their hit single "when 2 become 1," the jumpsuit is, literally, the only piece of clothing you'll ever need.

Well, besides shoes.

The great thing about jumpsuits is their versatility.  This is really one article of clothing you can wear anywhere.  They're perfect to wear to the beach over your swimsuit or throw on to run your weekend errands; or pair one with heels for girl's night out!  You can even wear one to operate a train, or to go sky diving, for example.  Just don't wear a jumpsuit to your bikini wax... that can get awkward.

To pay homage to this innovative article of clothing and, of course, to fill your mind with temptation, I've taken the liberty of compiling some of my personal favorite displays of jumpsuiting as of late:
Miley Cyrus jumpsuit
If Miley doesn't make you want to put on a jumpsuit and your favorite grill and do a little twerk, I don't know what will... #cantstopwontstop
If this were the only piece of clothing I owned, I think I'd be happy.
At least until I realized that all of my other clothes were gone...
Is she looking at me?  I can't tell...
 Get the look: Rachel ZoeMango
 If you're going to wear a printed jumpsuit, you might as well wear a printed jumpsuit.  We work in extremes here, people.
The capri jumpsuit!  The cautious jumpsuit; the hopsuit, if you will.
 Get the look: Band of Outsiders
A denim onesie - the best way to wear chambray.  
Get the look: Try this one by Hatch.  Oh and these shoes.

And if I ever decide to splurge on a jumpsuit in lieu of making my rent payments for two months on end, I'll probably end up with this little number.

Get the look: (and please mail it to me...) Giambatista Valli.

Fun fact: It recently dawned on me that strapless jumpsuits can also double as pants.  Literally just tuck the top into the pants, and go on your merry way.  It's genius.

You're welcome.

And that's all for now, at least until sartorial inspiration strikes me again... and I have a feeling it might.

Images via: Harper's Bazaar, Friend in Fashion, Do the Hot Pants, Monogram Mag


  1. They seem to be everywhere. I love the third, foirth and last one.


  2. Love the chambray and the second to last! Such gorgeous pieces!