10 Summer Beauty Essentials

It’s hot out.  Like… really, really hot.  And while I realize this isn’t news, extended periods of excessive heat and sun tend to take their toll on one’s skin, hair, and general demeanor and outlook on life.

While tackling the latter will most likely require more than a single blog post, I’ve decided to focus on both formers: hair and skin.  Hair is wilted from the heat, pores are clogged from sweaty commutes, skin is slightly sunburnt from weekends spent at the beach (or pale, if you’ve been spending most of your summer in the confines of an office…)  

But luckily, none of these problems is un-fixable!  So I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 beauty essentials for repairing damaged hair, clogged pores, and restoring a healthy (e.g. fake) glow to your skin.  Behold!

10 Summer Beauty Essentials

  1.  Scrub off the grime of the city with this fabulous Kiehl’s body scrub.
    2.  The perfect shade of pink, so it looks like your lips are peachy and glowing, not chapped and sunburnt…
    3.  This mascara will make you look slightly more awake than you would after spending the entire weekend drinking margaritas on the beach.  Or wherever you enjoy drinking margaritas…
    4.  The perfect mask to unclog pores after your sweaty commute.  Because even though the subway feels like a sauna, a sauna it is not…
    5.  YSL Creme Blush will make you look flushed, even after a weekend spent indoors.
    6.  In case you did make it out into the sun, use this fabulous balm to cure chapped lips.
    7.  Dry shampoo.  For those days(e.g. every day…) when your hair looks infinitely better before you leave home than when you finally arrive at the office…
    8.  One step bronzer.  This will make your skin sparkle!  No, like it literally has sparkles in it.  Amazing.
    9.  Chanel waterproof eyeliner.  Buy it in cassispurple.  It brings out the green in your eyes (unless your eyes aren’t green…) and doesn’t smudge!!
    10. Argan oil.  Repair damaged locks and restore the bounce to your curl!

Any other summer beauty essentials I should be aware of?  Tell me!!

Happy Wednesday.