How Do I Rehydrate My Hair After Bleaching?

How Do I Rehydrate My Hair After Bleaching?

If your hair looks delicate and has lost its moisture and shine, then it is all because of the dryness in your hair which has failed to absorb enough moisture and making your hair look brittle. Given below are some of the best ways to hydrate your hair after bleaching.

How Do I Rehydrate My Hair After Bleaching?

Use coconut oil to wash your hair

The maximum hydration that you can get for your hair is from the coconut oil which is easily available along with the fat of 100% and also contains the nutrients in abundant amount. If your hair looks so dry after bleaching, then the best deep conditioner for bleached hair will surely help you along with using the coconut oil to wash your hair.

Use of hair mask made at home

To provide maximum hydration to your hair, you can use the hair mask on your hair and if your budget is too mean then you can even prepare it at your home. You can mix the coconut oil and avocado with the honey and olive oil and mixes them well to form a thick mixture that will nourish your hair and protect your hair from any damages and after that, you can use deep conditioner for bleached hair.

How Do I Rehydrate My Hair After Bleaching?

Use Argan oil on your hair

To provide better nourishment to your hair you can use the deep conditioner and along with that treat your hair with the Argan oil to get sufficient amount of Vitamin E. The Argan oil is derived from the nuts of the Argan tree which gives better protection to your hair and you need to apply this on your hair only for the purpose of hydrating them.

Do not over-wash your hair too much

It is advisable to wash your hair too often as doing this frequently can disturb the natural oil on your scalp and your hairdo not get enough of the moisture and there is dryness all over your hair from root to tip. Although you can apply the conditioner after every wash you must skip the shampoo and apply it only for 1 to 2 days in a single week.

Repair your hair from damage

If your hair is already damaged because of the bleaching then you must first repair the damaged part and prevent the more damaged and that can be done only if you use the best deep conditioner. So avoid using the chemicals and heat treatment on your hair to avoid as much damage as you can and then you can move to the rehydrating process to prevent further damage.

Brush your hair only when they are dry

It is advisable for all the women not to comb or brush your hair when they are wet and let them dry using the hair blower or simply using the towel which is ultra-soft. You must always brush your hair only when they are dry to prevent the breakage or even the split – ends and as you know waiting is worthy so you must wait until your wet hair gets dry.

How Do I Rehydrate My Hair After Bleaching?

Do not use hot water to wash your hair

Always use the cold water to wash your hair in place of the hot water and then use the deep conditioner for bleached hair. Even if you have healthy hair and scalp then using the hot water on your head can cause other damages such as you to get frizzed hair after the wash. The cold water at the temperature you can handle will help you in preventing the frizzing and also closes the hair follicles.

Use a leave-in conditioner on your hair

You can use the leave-in hair conditioner along with the deep conditioner to retain the moisture on your head and also to help in keeping the dryness at bay. After using the bleach on your hair, you must prevent them from any possible damage by using the leave-in conditioner and is the best alternative of the hair masks that you can use to save your time.

Avoid using chlorine on your hair

To protect your hair, the first step is to avoid the use of chemicals as much as possible such as the chlorine. Even if you have not breached your hair, you must keep your hair from the chemical used as they can make your hair look damaged and fragile along with the brittle. Using the chlorine can make your hair loss the moisture along with the natural shine and in case if you have bleached your hair, then there is a chance of fading the vibrant color. You must always wear a cap while swimming in the pool.

Hydration is important to bleached hair

It is very important to hydrate your hair just after bleaching or else your hair will become more delicate and brittle and also loses the moisture and shine from your hair making them dry from the root to tip. You must use the deep conditioner to hydrate your hair not only after bleaching but also applying bleach on your hair. Hydrating your hair helps them to prevent breakage and falling of your hair and is even one of the factors in repairing your hair after damaging.


It is a wish of every woman to maintain the color on your hair to be vibrant in all season and this can be done by only the best deep conditioner for bleached hair. So caring is one of the important steps you need to give to your hair at the priority so that it does not want you to shave your hair completely. We highly hope that this article would surely help you in knowing the best ways to hydrate your hair to give moisture just after you have applied to bleach and keep them healthy and looks beautiful.