I’m flying.

Pumped Up Kicks

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Designers, as of late, have realized the value of relative comfort in footwear, and hence have popularized the designer kick.  As such, I’ve been crushing on these Isabel Marant sneaks for weeks (that rhymes).  I’m talking major fashion crushing.  As in I have dreams in which they are on my feet.
And in those dreams, I am flying.
Pumped Up Kicks
But, alas, whence I came to terms with the $760 price tag and began thinking of the things I could buy with that money (food, rent, trivial items of that nature) I decided to opt for a slightly more pocket-friendly version.  A version that, as it turns out, just happens to also be neon.
So I bought these!!!
Pumped Up Kicks
Sweet kicks: Nike via ASOS

And, naturally, I paired them with leopard pants and a turban…

Pumped Up Kicks
Leopard pants: Zara. Chambray top: GAP. T-shirt: KAIN. Turban: Zara.
And wore them leaping through Union Square!
Pumped Up Kicks
And skipping…
Pumped Up Kicks
And jumping!
With a vintage-inspired arm party, no less.
Pumped Up Kicks
Arm party left to right via my favorite vintage jewelry store Jillery, Barney’s New York, Free People, and three friends from middle school whose names have escaped me but whose friendship in the form of bracelets has not.
If you, too, have high-end sneaker fever, take a look at these designer kicks and their semi-affordable counterparts.  Can you tell the difference? Eh? Eh??
Pumped Up Kicks
To comfortable footwear!  Happy Monday.  Hopefully, you are still on vacation.

In which case… happy Tuesday.

A special thanks to my photographers Jessie Frey and Alex White.  It should be noted that they both said I “didn’t get much air” in the first picture.  However, it looks like my rapid shutter-speed camera and I proved them wrong…