Shopaholics Anonymous

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am a shopaholic. 

After not having shopped for four three about two whole months, I made the #badlifechoice of going into Zara.  Hungover.  A winning combination, if ever one existed.  Upon entering the store, I immediately fell hopelessly and passionately in love.  Then it happened again, and again, and again.

That’s right, I accidentally left with four pairs of shoes. 

After a shopping bender such as this one, I feel it necessary to appease my guilt by confessing my sins, appealing to the fashion gods for forgiveness and acceptance.  Tell me I need them!  Tell me it’s ok!  We shopaholics must band together.  I believe it’s an ancient Grecian proverb that states:

Those who over-shop must support others who over-shop.

… or something like that.

Note: I tried this tactic with my mother.  It didn’t work.

But you know what?  Cable, shmable, I always say.  I might be living without television, but life is all about priorities.  And shoes, my friend, are a priority.

Honestly, I was a little iffy at first on the Lady Gaga-esque sky high platforms, so to further justify my purchase (aside from the fact that they’re amazing) I put together this outfit that absolutely could not exist without them.  It just… couldn’t.

Shopaholics Anonymous

Because it isn’t enough to just wear man-repelling platforms that make the Spice Girls look like amateurs… you must pair them with socks.  Now that is what I call a statement.

Bonus points for the winking left breast.

Good luck out there, folks.  Stay strong.  Don’t do as I did. (Or do.  You deserve it!)