Wear this Weekend: SANDals

As an artistic young child, I was drawn to sand art like a moth to a flame.  Sand art – the art of layering colored sand in a clear glass (or plastic) container (a very skilled endeavour, as you can imagine).  I’m sure you’ve all done it at summer camp or birthday parties.  Or, if you were like me, you tried to dye beach sand with food coloring and pour it into empty Snapple bottles…

Wear this Weekend: SANDals

However, having not yet reached my full potential as a budding young Picasso, this is probably a more accurate depiction of my earlier works:

I call this piece “A quick drive across the Sahara.”

But that’s beside the point.  The point is, I was not the only young protege whose artistic outlet was layering colored earth on earth… As a generation of sand artistes, the sand-art of our youth has evolved into something much more sophisticated… more utilitarian… much more chic.

Behold: the Rodarte layered sand shoe.  The SANDal, if you will (and I hope you will).

Wear this Weekend: SANDals
image via Glamour.com

Who knew sand on sand could look so good…

Wear this Weekend: SANDals
image via Refinery29

The sand shoe, though undoubtedly a sartorial pioneer, does raise some important questions in my mind.

Namely: what happens when you walk in said shoes?  Sand compacts over time under pressure (hence the formation of rock.)  … Will my heels one day turn to rock??

Also, can these shoes get wet?  Will my heels turn to – dare I say it – mud?

And finally, what happens if I have an unfortunate run-in with a cab door?  Or a curb?  Or even a set of stairs that happen to give way beneath my feet?  Will the sand heels crack under the pressure and slowly leak out colored sand like a sieve until my time hath runneth out?

I might just have to buy them to find out for myself.

Please, if you have insight into the inner workings of the sand-shoe, tell me more in the comments below.