What to Wear to October Ball

Saturday is the 15th annual October Ball benefiting the Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers.  It’s official: party season has begun!  

My friends have been on the planning committee for the past few years, ensuring that it is always a do-not-miss type of affair.

As such, I bought my ticket early and have started planning my outfit (obviously)…  I’m going sans date and have chosen this outfit to make absolutely certain that I stay that way, Lady-Gaga-meets-Spice-Girls-heels and all!!

What to Wear to October Ball

  1. A confusing ring.  One of many confusing pieces of jewelry I plan to wear throughout the night.
    2. A bow!Because my presence is my present.
    3. A red dress to appropriately kick off the holiday season.
    4. Skull earrings.  Just so everyone knows that, despite the sexy red dress and hair bow, I am deeply, deeply morbid.
    5. The tallest, scariest heels I could find.  One slip up in these bad boys and you can kiss your mobility good-bye!  What can I say?  I like to live on the edge…
    6. Lace tights.  Because it might be cold.
    7. A layering necklace, like this one by House of Harlow.
    8. Something shiny and bold that slightly resembles weaponry.  Appropriate for all types of functions, from street fights to charity galas.

Between now and New Year’s, it’s on.

If you see me with a sprained ankle sprawled face down on the dance floor, no photographs, please.